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WILLOW BAY KIDS COLLECTION - Kids Daydreamer Neoprene Tote Bag 
- Khaki /Camo

You can now tell your kids that they too can enjoy their very own Willow Bay as we launch our Kids Collection. 

Your favourite Daydreamer Neoprene Tote Bag now comes in a junior version! your kids can now accessorise in style and just like their mamma. With gorgeous dual tone colours, a magnetic closure and side studs to expand the bag, this is the perfect sized bag for your littlest ones. 


Dual tone colours
Side studs to expand the bag
Magnetic closure 
Eyelets to reinforce and strengthen the rope holes

Dimensions: W 30 x H 24 x D 11 cm

Care Instructions:

Machine Washable in cold water using mild detergent. To ensure the rope handles do not get snagged on your washing machine we recommend placing your neoprene tote bag in a wash bag. Gentle stain remover can be sprayed onto any stains prior to washing.
To dry simply hang on a coat hanger overnight. 
A lint roller can be used to remove any fluff or debris that may attach to the perforated neoprene bag from any clothing worn.